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Ever since we started to render pest control services, we have been serving various types of customer including residential, industrial etc. We are proud to say that we hold ample customers in Dhaka who are truly satisfied with our services. Our secret lies in our priority given to our customers. From the moment we pick up the phone, you will immediately know the difference.

Our Pest Control Services

Since 2006, 500+ companies have worked with Pest Defense Team for Pest Control. We have achieved a lot since the beginning. We are an integrity & qualified best Pest Control company in Bangladesh. Sky is our limit. We work to meet our client’s expectation. We build brand from the beginning till the growth and success. We have been providing Pest Control, Rodent Control, Termite Control, Mosquito Control & Many more service in Bangladesh since 2006 with a very good reputation. We use environmentally friendly high quality chemicals that we import from England, China, Germany and India.


Pest Control Service

When you choose Pest Defense as your partner for commercial or industrial pest control, you can rest assured that your pest problems will be taken care of in a prompt and professional manner. We offer monthly treatment plans to our commercial clients, treating both the interior and exterior of property. Our pest control products are extremely effective, killing pests within minutes.


Rodent Control Service

Rat, Mice & Lizard and other rodents are small animals, but they can cause big problems inside your home or business. In addition to spreading disease and leaving their droppings in your home, rodents can be highly destructive. Pest Defense uses humane methods to trap and relocate rodents and other wildlife from your home. If you are problem with Rodent, call us.


Termite Control service

One of the greatest hazards any homeowner faces is termites, which cause more damage each year than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. If ignored, termites can actually threaten the structural integrity of your house. Termites work silently and invisibly, sawing into your floor joists, cutting into your wall studs, hollowing out your woodwork.

Commercial Pest Control

No matter what industry you are in, you cannot afford not to have dependable commercial pest control for your property. For many businesses, health codes require it, and for others, the risk of losing customers due to roaches, rats, or other pests is too great to ignore. Every year, pests cost millions of dollars in food damage alone.

Pest Defense, we have 14 years of experience in commercial pest control. We have the knowledge and skill that comes from four decades of experience, combined with the modern benefits of the latest pest control products and methods. In short, we have what it takes to protect your business from even the most difficult pests.

The quality services, reliable guarantees, and advanced technologies have been combined for the benefit of our customers. When it comes to pest control, it’s our job to protect your environment, family, health, properties, pets, and peace of mind. You can completely depend on us for that.

  • Pest Control in Garments.
  • Pest Control in Hospital & healthcare.
  • Pest Control in Pharmaceuticals
  • Pest Control in Hotel & Restaurants.
  • Pest Control in Food Processing.
  • Pest Control in others areas.

Residential Pest Control

For the last sixteen years, we are doing pest control work seriously. Through this, we have proved to satisfy our thousands of customers. We use the latest science and technology by testing new products in our services. So that we can keep your home safe with our useful effective plans.

Pests can cause serious risks to your health and property. Throughout the year there are various diseases caused by Mosquitos, Bedbugs, Rats, Flies and Other Insects. They enter into our house and suffer you. So it is important to keep them away from us. Keeping them away from your home is not a one-time program. This is a process that needs to be done for a year. Our pest control technicians work to deliver this solution. We protect every house and family from insects.

Pest Defense & Management provides residential pest control service. Pest Defense Pest Control is a reliable service provider Company in Bangladesh.

Which you can trust and deal with any pest problem in your area. We recommend our domestic pest control service which is most effective and the highest level of safety for your family, properties, & pets.

  • Bed bugs Control
  • Cockroaches Control
  • Ants Control
  • Rats Control
  • Fly Control
  • Termite Control
  • Mosquitos Control
  • Others Pest Control

Our Working Process



At first You have to contact with us. Then our expert will discuss your problems deeply & make a solution.



Secondly our operation team give you an proposal with price quotation. Also they submit a report of details.


Service You need

Thirdly, when you accept our quotation then we will provide you a qualified service according to deed.



Finally, after completing our service our customer representative team will inspect your site timely.

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